JEFF “MR. T” THOMAS, head teacher

  • Mr. T. is the head teacher for Little Man School House. He has 15+ years of classroom experience teaching in a K-2 multiage program. Mr. T. has spent his career giving children the foundation for the love of learning. The multiage setting has allowed him to see students through the many stages of learning. His specialty lies in truly knowing each child and their abilities and providing appropriate instruction to further their development. 

  • An avid reader and children’s book collector, Mr. T. can often be found reading a young readers series, such as Fablehaven. Additionally, he enjoys spending time in his garden, playing with his three young daughters and enjoying a round with buddies out on the golf course. “Little Man” is a doodle Mr. T. has drawn since childhood.

Rachael “Mrs. T” Thomas, Director/Teacher

  • Rachael serves as the director and joins the class regularly as she does not want to miss out on the fun. Rachael and Jeff have three daughters who keep her busy all day, every day!